Concrete cutting in Toronto

Avoid Concrete Cutting Mishaps by Hiring a Toronto Professional

Cutting concrete is a difficult and dangerous task that often requires an expert hand. Before cutting through your own wall to create that extra doorway, consider the demands of your current project. Is it something you can execute yourself? If industrial grade cutting is required, chances are an amateur hand just won’t “cut” it. Hiring a speciality contractor for concrete cutting in Toronto will save you time, money and energy—not to mention costly mistakes.

Common DIY mistakes

Many amateur cutters don’t realize that concrete surfaces are set with rebar or other steel forms. Cutting through these reinforcing structures can permanently damage the saw blade or drill and cause dangerous sparks. Similarly, never assume that concrete will be free of electrical wires, cables or plumbing pipes. In addition to damaging equipment, you risk compromising surrounding infrastructure.

Furthermore, amateur cutters don’t have an intuitive understanding of concrete consistencies. For example, driveways and garage floors are usually very dense, whereas walkways around patios are less solid because they don’t hold up as much weight. Using a drill or blade meant for soft concrete on denser surfaces will damage tools and cause excess dust.

Lastly, amateur cutters aren’t always well informed when it comes to proper safety measures. Flying debris and piercing noise from hammers and saws are common hazards on construction sites. Additionally, containment of silica dust is critical. Often referred to as quartz, silica is a mineral commonly found in concrete, masonry rock, granite and other landscaping materials. Dust containing silica particles can cause lung cancer and disease—it only takes a small amount!

Trust a professional

When you hire a professional for concrete cutting in Toronto, quality, efficiency and the highest standard of safety are guaranteed. Not yet convinced? Consider these four reasons for trusting a concrete specialist:

  • Precision cuts. Ensure smooth, even lines with the experienced hand of a concrete specialist. They have the knowledge and skill to know which drills to use and at which speed to cut for a precise finish. 
  • Access to top-of-the-line equipment. Equipment is key for an efficient job and those hard-to-reach cuts. Second-grade rentals prolong the task at hand and require a lot more effort to cut through concrete slabs. 
  • Guaranteed safety. Handling loose pieces of concrete can be dangerous, especially if rusty pieces of metal are protruding. A specialist will dispose of concrete for you using hoists, bobcats, excavators and other heavy-duty equipment not readily available to consumers. 
  • Quick workmanship. Thanks to years of experience and top rated equipment, a concrete specialist can find practical solutions to unique cutting problems and get the job done in record time.

With more than 23 years of experience working with concrete in Toronto, Hamilton and Southern Ontario, Kingdom Concrete Drilling & Sawing Inc. provides innovative and cost-effective solutions for all of your concrete cutting needs. Comprised of a certified team of excavators capable of handling jobs of all scopes and sizes, from smaller residential jobs to complex commercial projects, Kingdom Concrete can get the job done right.

Avoid having to re-do a project that was done incorrectly—contact Kingdom Concrete for a free estimate today!

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