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Not everyone can afford the cost nor have the expertise to complete complex concrete projects. What’s more, no one wants to have to re-do a project that was done incorrectly the first time around. Those benefits combined with the peace of mind of having concrete cutting, drilling and sawing professionals complete your job makes the services provided by Kingdom Concrete Drilling & Sawing Inc. well worth it.

There’s no project too big or too small for our team—we handle it all. From smaller residential jobs to complex commercial projects, we have the equipment, personnel and experience to provide the highest quality of concrete service.

Services we offer:

Electric or Diesel Excavating

  • Removal of concrete slabs
  • Digging of pits
  • Excavation of trenches
  • Principally used indoors or in areas sensitive to fumes (i.e. food plants)
  • Small excavations – indoors and out

X-rays are used for the exact identification of objects embedded in concrete. It is the only technology that can actually see and identify conduit and rebar. X-raying requires access to both sides of the object being filmed. A serious effort in safety is required due to harmful radiation exposure. An area of 50 to 100 feet must be cleared/secured before and during the shooting. X-raying can penetrate concrete up to 18” thick.

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