Precision Concrete Sawing in Toronto & Southern Ontario for Your Construction Project

At Kingdom Concrete Drilling & Sawing Inc., we provide comprehensive concrete sawing in Toronto. Concrete sawing effectively removes and shapes concrete to meet the specific goals of your construction project. Whether you are looking to complete a concrete floor cutting project or looking to cut openings for windows, we seek to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for all types of indoor and outdoor concrete projects.

Electric Slab Sawing and Excavating

  • Primarily used for indoor application (electric)
  • Powered by 600-volt electric generators in Kingdom Concrete trucks
  • Odourless and no fumes (electric)
  • Cuts up to a 15” depth and as close as 4” from all vertical structures. Electric or diesel can cut 18” deep
  • Used for cutting mechanical and electrical trenches, floor openings or road sawing
  • Runs water on the blade to prevent dust

Road Sawing

  • Large 65hp gas or diesel saws used to cut floors and roads up to 18” thick
  • Catalytic convertors are used for large-sized inside work

Precision Concrete Wall Sawing

Whether your wall sawing project involves cutting doorways, window wells or foundation work, our team provides knowledgeable service in all areas. Our saws:

  • Are track mounted to cut through walls up to 24”thick
  • Run water on the blade to prevent dust
  • Are hydraulically powered from our trucks
  • Are great for isolation cuts or openings

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