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Learn more about concrete cutting, drilling, scanning and removal in Toronto by reading Kingdom Concrete Drilling & Sawing’s blog. We’ll post helpful tips and useful information as it becomes available, so be sure to check back often for updates. Have a question? Contact us for more information. 

  • concrete cutting in Toronto
    The Most Common Blades for Concrete Cutting

    Cutting concrete is a complex job that requires specialized tools and saw blades. There are many variables that must be taken into account when selecting the right one for the job. Here’s what you should know about the most common types of blades used for cutting concrete.

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  • concrete coring and drilling
    What is Concrete Core Drilling and How Does It Work?

    Concrete core drilling involves cutting a cylindrical section of concrete from a larger structure. Because concrete is such a hard material, concrete coring is carried out using a diamond core drill. At Kingdom Concrete Drilling & Sawing Inc., we provide concrete coring and drilling in Toronto and Hamilton for a variety of different applications. Here's an overview of how the process works. 

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  • Jackhammer for concrete removal
    Your Step-by-Step Guide for Concrete Removal in Toronto

    You might think that hiring a contractor to demolish a 12 x 14-ft patio is unnecessary and expensive, so you decide to take on the task yourself. After all, it’s brainless work, right? Wrong! There’s more to concrete removal than just swinging a sledgehammer. Careful planning, the right tools, protective gear and a little bit of know-how are essential to the project at hand, especially if you’re looking to save on effort and time. Follow these nine easy steps for a quick, efficient and safe concrete removal in Toronto:

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  • Ground radar imaging
    Ground Penetrating Radar for Concrete Scanning Projects in Toronto & the GTA

    Being able to see into sub-surfaces is a must for anyone who is about to saw or drill into concrete. Becoming informed of the concrete’s thickness is also very useful under most circumstances. To easily accomplish both of these objectives, Kingdom Concrete Drilling & Sawing Inc. can complete any concrete scanning project with services for ground penetrating radar in Toronto. For over a decade, Kingdom concrete has provided this technology as part of our suite of services.

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  • Concrete cutting in Toronto
    Avoid Concrete Cutting Mishaps by Hiring a Toronto Professional

    Cutting concrete is a difficult and dangerous task that often requires an expert hand. Before cutting through your own wall to create that extra doorway, consider the demands of your current project. Is it something you can execute yourself? If industrial grade cutting is required, chances are an amateur hand just won’t “cut” it. Hiring a speciality contractor for concrete cutting in Toronto will save you time, money and energy—not to mention costly mistakes.

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